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About Global Leadership Network

Our Organization, African Leaders Forum is a non-governmental, not for profit organization set up to bring succor to members of the society with special interest in developing and mentoring the youths through our social services publications. As part of its charter, our organization support programmes and activities aimed at addressing the challenges of health, youths and entrepreneurship.

Our organization is currently involved in various life-saving humanitarian outreaches across the continent of Africa. We are reaching out to people through seminars, conferences, vocational trainings, adult education, prisoners’ healthy food programmes, music, rural and urban health education and awareness programmes and campus outreaches to help rescue the youths from the increasing cult menace in the schools. Health is wealth and a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. This is why every community, state and nation strives to maintain a healthy population. Maintaining a healthy population requires a lot, ranging from adequate feeding, otherwise known as balanced diets, provision of health care facilities and trained personnel, to educating the populace on how to be and remain healthy. Recent studies have shown that the death toll resulting from heart related diseases is on the increase and our organization have a platform where we educate both young and old on the nature of cardiovascular diseases, sign and lifestyle adjustment and techniques.

Development is a common word but is conceived as the gradual and qualitative growth of an encompassing society. To achieve effective development there must exist a human capital development strategy. Therefore, this project intends to assist youths harmonize their talents and managerial abilities that will enable them compete and strategize to become important and effective institutions in the sustainable economic development process; not only through formal education but also through skills learning and acquisition. The above tasks are enormous and require the compassionate participation of all citizens in our beloved country.